Nutrition Consultant

Drawing on nearly two decades of communications experience, Rima helps translate nutrition science into bite-sized language for companies, brands, policymakers and media.

Consulting services include educating consumers, readers and viewers, media, chefs and fellow nutrition professionals on food, nutrition and wellness.

Nutrition Spokeswoman

With a strong and easy-going media presence, Rima is an experienced nutrition communications spokesperson.

Live TV appearances (national and local affiliates)

  • ABC
  • CBS
  • Fox
  • NBC

Radio: NPR

Print and web

Brand media

Food Policy

Rima follows national and international food policy guidelines and consults with Federal agencies on food policies and helps to translate nutrition science. She also understands nutrition and allergen labeling laws.

Keynote Speaking and Workshops

Rima brings nutrition communications and food science to a fun and approachable level for groups of all sizes, ages and backgrounds.

Her nutrition workshops pack a heaping helping of expert nutrition guidance with practical ideas on how to make smart food choices every day.

Partial list of clients:

Food Allergen Management

Rima helps companies and organizations understand the importance of safety from food allergens when developing innovative products, creating new recipes or menus, deciphering food labels and food policy or educating staff and/or consumers.

Nutrition Analysis and Recipe Development

Need healthy recipes for your organization, website, restaurant or cookbook? Using your guidelines and diet specifications, Rima creates new recipes using fresh, locally-available and healthy foods.

Food and Nutrition Writing

Rima writes articles for websites, magazine, books and other national outlets.

Credits include:


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