A Most Unusual Mother’s Day + Mediterranean Brunch Roundup

May 8, 2020


This Sunday is Mother’s Day. Most of us moms look forward to this as a day when, maybe just maybe, we’ll get to sleep in. Or, eat a tasty meal we didn’t have to cook–or clean up. Or, maybe just a homemade thank you card and a big hug. But this year, well, it’s just different.

There is a mysterious virus looming… somewhere, anywhere. There is hatred brewing in parts of the country. There are many people who feel isolated and lonely.

For many of us, this Sunday is (yet another) day to hunker down and celebrate being at home with our immediate family. For others, however, this Mother’s Day will be marked with grieving or illness.

Sorry… this is not meant to be a downer post. In fact, it’s meant to be quite the contrary. Now more than ever we should take any excuse to delight in the little joys, small successes, good health, a funny movie flowers blooming, a wave from a neighbor, the smell of freshly baked bread, a long walk in nature and feel-good-holidays. And to all mothers out there, I wish you a day of whatever you need most… relaxation, quiet time, laughter, hugs (virtual or otherwise), healing, comfort.

And to all those looking to make something special this Sunday, check out my Nut & Seed Granola. This low-sugar granola is rich in protein and vitamin E to boost immune health, dietary fiber for a healthy heart and phytonutrients for healthy skin. Top with fresh or dried fruit and mom’s milk of choice for an easy and tasty Mom’s Day breakfast.

Easy-to-make nut and seed granola

Or check out the round-up below for some other favorite Mediterranean-style brunch dishes out there. Nourishing and delicious, these dishes are rich in important nutrients and sure to make her smile.

Easy Shakshuka Recipe from The Mediterranean Dish

Egg-Crust Vegetarian Breakfast Pizza from Kalyn’s Kitchen

Avocado and Feta Frittata from This Mama Cooks

Blueberry Sour Cream Muffins from Cooking Light

Mimosa Fruit Salad from Eating Well


PLEASE SHARE: What are your favorite  Mother’s Day brunch dishes? Please share. I’d love to hear from you!