Ready to boost your energy,
heal your gut and lose weight?

Our personalized Functional Nutrition approach will help you reset your metabolism and regain control of your body so you can optimize your health for good.

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    Do you…

    • Want to have more energy throughout the day?
    • Wonder where that stubborn belly fat came from?
    • Wish you could heal your gut or improve your labs?
    • Want to feel in control of your body and health again?

    You can. And, you deserve to feel great in your body and live your life fully. 

    If you’re ready to reset your habits, your health and your life for good, you’re in the right place. Let’s work together to design your personal wellness journey.

      I understand. And, I’m here to guide you on your wellness journey.

      As a functional registered dietitian, integrative nutritionist and certified LEAP therapist, I work with you to create a personalized eating and lifestyle plan to help you optimize your health.

      No fad diets. No restrictive eating. No major overhaul. We start with the root cause and focus on small, smart steps that will lead you to your healthiest self yet. For the long haul.

      Envision this… you have all-day energy, your clothes fit (again) and you feel empowered in your own body.

      If this is your story, let’s get started on your wellness journey today. You’ve got this… and I’m here to support you every step of the way.


        Let’s Work Together

        1:1 Signature Program

        3-Month Metabolic Reset

        A 1:1 personalized and holistic approach to help you feel your healthiest yet.

        This comprehensive and highly personalized program is designed for busy people who want a metabolic reset to lose stubborn weight, have more energy, make healthier food choices, fuel their workouts and find relief from bloating and other issues.

        Other Coaching Services

        Additional Services & Programs

        Metabolic Calm LEAP Food Sensitivity Protocol

        Metabolic Accelerator Membership

        Functional Testing

        Metabolic Jumpstart Online Course

        Company Consulting

        Media & Consulting Services

        Speaker & Writer

        Media & Brand Partnership

        Recipe Developer & Food Photography


        Client Successes

        "Within weeks... I was feeling much more energetic and my mid-day energy crashes disappeared!"

        I decided to work with a nutritionist when I was at my lowest, feeling depressed and self-conscious about my body. So, I reached out to Rima. Within weeks of working with her, I was feeling much more energetic and my mid-day energy crashes disappeared!

        I’m a busy daycare owner and mother of two kids (with multiple food allergies), and Rima helped me plan my day better and add in meal prep so that dinner was no longer a chaotic mess. My kids love the meals we make now.

        I lost weight, reduced PCOS symptoms, was able to stop taking several medications for my blood sugar and I now feel AMAZING! Thank you, Rima, for helping my family be healthier and happier and giving us the opportunity to be the best we can be from the inside out!

        - Program client, Metabolic Reset Program

        Client Successes

        "Whenever I have an IBS flare-up, Rima helps me to reset."

        I have worked with Rima Kleiner on and off over the past several years. Whenever I have an IBS flare-up, Rima helps me to reset. Rima listens to me and then creates a personalized plan to help reduce my symptoms within a few weeks. I highly recommend Rima for anyone struggling with IBS or other GI symptoms.

        - Program client, Metabolic Calm Food Sensitivities Program

        Client Successes

        "After only a few sessions with Rima, my daughter returned to an intuitive relationship with food..."

        Rima’s expertise, in combination with her genuineness, were the exact ingredients needed to assist with my teen daughter during a time of transition in her life. After only a few sessions with Rima, my daughter was able to return to an intuitive relationship with food after struggling with self-doubt and confusion. I will always be grateful to Rima for her candor, kindness and high level of competence.

        - Private client

        Client Successes

        "Within 3 months, I lost 9 pounds and gained energy."

        After having heart trouble, I met with Rima to help me design a heart healthy diet. Within three months, I had lost 9 pounds and gained energy. Rima is wonderful, compassionate and patient, especially with people like me for whom such changes do not come easily.

        - Private client


        I’m Rima

        Registered Dietitian and
        Integrative & Functional Nutritionist

        I’m a registered dietitian-nutritionist (RDN) specializing in metabolic and gut health, weight loss, food allergies and sensitivities and sports nutrition. My passion is helping busy people prioritize their own health goals so they can shed unhealthy habits and live their lives fully doing the things they love.

        I use a functional, integrative and client-centered approach to guide you in your wellness journey. We work together to help you lose stubborn weight, increase energy, improve your cardiovascular health, fuel your workouts for maximum results, identify problem foods and heal your gut so that you take back control of your health and body… for good.

        Say goodbye to deprivation, fad diets, over-exercising and the things that used to work but no longer do. Say hello to your new wellness journey. And, I am here to help guide you, every small and smart step of the way.


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        My Signature Process

        four steps to success

        Step 01:

        Book a free strategy call

        Complete this quick form to schedule a FREE 30-minute Metabolic Kickstart Strategy Call. Once we receive your completed form, you will receive a calendar link to book your strategy call.

        Step 02:

        Chat about your wellness goals

        During our 30-minute Metabolic Kickstart Strategy Call, we’ll get crystal clear on your wellness goals, which program is a good fit for your goals and what your personalized journey will look like.

        Step 03:

        Embark on your wellness journey

        Now it's time to start your wellness journey! And, this is when the fun really begins. We will work together to create your personalized nutrition and supplement plan with small, smart strategies to help you crush your goals and create realistic, sustainable and lifelong healthy habits.

        Step 04:

        Live your life fully and healthfully

        Maintain your success by incorporating your new healthy food and lifestyle habits. And, you’ll have an opportunity to join our premium Metabolic Accelerator Membership program for continued accountability, meal plans, recipes tools and dietitian support.

        Questions? Check the FAQ or contact me.

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