Registered Dietitian in Greensboro, NC

Want a nutrition plan to fit your life, right now? Whatever your health and nutrition goals, Smart Mouth Nutrition will help you meet them with small steps that work.

Smart Mouth nutrition offers personal nutrition coaching sessions for individuals of all ages, from children and teens to working professionals and families.

Specializations include:

  • Food allergies and food sensitivities
  • Digestive issues (Celiac disease, FODMAPs)
  • Chronic disease management (diabetes, heart disease)
  • Competitive sports nutrition
  • Family and pregnancy nutrition
  • Healthy eating and culinary nutrition

Food Allergies

Navigating the world of food allergies can be frightening and confusing. Foods that were once safe are now off-limits, and everyday activities like grocery shopping and dining out at restaurants can seem overwhelming.

Smart Mouth Nutrition helps you understand how to manage food allergies in the kitchen, at school and at restaurants and show you how eating with a food allergy can be tasty, healthy, safe and smart.

Food Sensitivities

If your healthy diet is making you sick, you may suffer from food sensitivities or a food intolerance.

Living with chronic digestive woes, eczema, fatigue, migraines or pain can feel almost intolerable, until you focus on a gut-healing eating pattern, like FODMAPs. Let's talk about how.

Pregnancy Nutrition

There are foods to eat while pregnant and foods to avoid during pregnancy. Both impact how their bodies and brains develop and grow.

Rima can provide nutrition coaching to help you understand what nutrients are essential during these critical life periods.

Weight Loss

Want to lose a few (or many) pounds but are tired of crazy diets that leave you wanting... more?

Rima has a no-diet approach to guide you on what to eat to lose weight. Rima will work with you to focus on your goals, nutrition needs, lifestyle and health to determine the best eating pattern that makes sense for your life right now.


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